Loughborough University invites you to participate in the 14th International Conference on Manufacturing Research.


Incorporating the 31st National Conference on Manufacturing Research

Loughborough University would like to invite you to participate in the fourteenth International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR) 2016.

The Conference takes place from 6 to 8 September 2016 at Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK. It will include keynote presentations by internationally renowned researchers and industrialists, as well as papers from academia and industry, exploring all core areas of manufacturing engineering.

Initiated by the Consortium of UK University Manufacturing and Engineering (COMEH), ICMR has been the UK’s main manufacturing research conference for over 30 years and an international conference since 2003 bringing researchers, academics and industrialists together to share their knowledge and experience. With the accelerating globalisation of manufacturing in the 21st century, the urgent need to keep pace has produced rapid advancements in technology, research and expertise.

Conference Brochure

The conference brochure can be accessed here.