About BAE Systems

At BAE Systems, we provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions and employ a skilled workforce of some 83,400 people in over 40 countries.

Electronic Systems, with 13,000 employees, comprises the US and UK-based electronics activities, including electronic warfare systems and electro-optical sensors, military and commercial digital engine and flight controls, next-generation military communications systems and datalinks, persistent surveillance capabilities, and hybrid electric drive systems.

At Rochester we employ about 1400 people: over 500 Scientists & Engineers and  600 in our Operations & Supply Chain teams. Holding 75 patents, 15 Queens Awards,  it performs over £95m per annum of leading edge Research & Product Development into active inceptors and controls, helmet mounted and head up displays, power systems and our latest innovation Broadsword® Spine®  e- textile wearable technology.