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ICMR 2018 Schedule



Tuesday September 11th




Registration at the Portalen building (Kanikegränd 3)









Welcome and introduction





Dr. Peter Thorvald, Senior Lecturer and conference chair Room: Insikten



Prof. Lars Niklasson, Vice Chancellor, of University of Skövde









Keynote session - Dr Cecilia Warrol, Association of Swedish Engineering


Industries & National Innovation Programme Produktion 2030.



Room: Insikten



















Manufacturing processes I -

Decision support systems -

Industrial and collaborative


Chair: Enrique Ruiz Zuniga

Chair: Mikael Berndtsson

robotics - Chair: Wei Wang


Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor

Room: Vänern & Vättern



Jonathan Adams, Yan Jin, David

Kristens Gufinnsson and Mattias

Atieh Hanna, Per-Lage






Barnes and Joseph Butterfield -

Strand - On Transforming into the

EkströmandKristofer Bengtsson -


Efects of Rotational Speed on

Data-Driven Decision-Making Era

Requirements for designing and


Powder Melting process in Uni-

– Current State of Practice in

controling autonomous



axial Rotomoulding

Manufacturing SMEs

collaborative robots system - an




industrial case








Javier Cardona, Carla Ferreira,





Vaclav Svoboda, Bilal Ahmed, John





McGinty, Okfpeafoh Agimelen,





Andrew Hamilton, Alison Cleary,


Jessica LindblomandWei Wang -



Robert Atkinson, Craig Michie,

Zhe Zhong, Salman Saeidlou,



Towards an evaluation framework


Stephen Marshall, Alastair

Mozafar Saadat and Ahmed


of safety, trust, and operator


Florence, Yi-Chieh Chen, Jan

Abukar - Ontology and rule-


experience finerentdi



Sefcik, Ivan Andonovic and

based reasoning for intelligent



demonstrators of human-robot


Christos Tachtatzis - The role of

predictive manufacturing





in-line image analysis in the



transition to continuous





manufacturing in the





pharmaceutical industry









Francisco Javier Trujillo, Sergio

Zhen Hao, Ahmed Abukar,

Ari Kolbeinsson, Erik Lagerstedt


Martín-Béjar, Carolina Bermudo

Mozafar Saadat and Salman

and Jessica Lindblom -



and Lorenzo Sevilla - Fatigue test

Saeidlou - A Neural Network

Classification of collaboration


bench manufacturing by reusing a

Approach to Predict Deliverability

levels for human-robot



parallel lathe

in Manufacturing

cooperation in manufacturing






Chimaeze Onyeiwu and Abigail


Mohammad Farhan Khan, Xiao Yin



Guan, Bogdan Matuszewski,f



Hird - Innovative Approach to


Hall, Darek Ceglarek and Lik-


Variation Mapping in Craft-based


Kwan Shark - Measurement



Textile Manufacturing


uncertainties in calibrating a





robotic vision system





Alberto Montebelliand Jessica





Lindblom - On Transferring





Crafting Intentions from Humans




to Robots: a Message to





Manufacturers of the (Near) Future
















Manufacturing Processes II -

Lean I - Chair: Ainhoa

Supply chain - Chair: Amos


Chair: Peter Thorvald





Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor

Room: Vänern & Vättern



Alvin Chong, Guojin Feng, Jamil


Cristina Di Stefano,Luciano



Kanfoud and Tat-Hean Gan - An

Leo De Vin, Lasse Jacobsson and



Outline of a Complementary

Fratocchiand Fernando Merino -


Janerik Odhe - Simulator-Assisted


Inspection System for Micro-

Manufacturing relocations in the


Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)

Lean Production Training and

footwear industry: a comparison


Devices Based on Radiography


between Italy and Spain



and Plenoptic Camera









Sunday Ojolo, Adebayo Ogundare,

Sulaiman Almaiman and Patrick

Luciano Fratocchiand Susana

Sikiru Ismail and Oluwayemisi

Kofoworola - Investigation on

McLaughlin - Facilitating a

Costa E Silva - Manufacturing

Induced-Residual Stress during

Continuous Improvement Culture:

backshoring and direct brand

End Milling Operation using

a Literature Review

creation in the footwear industry

Analytical Modelling





Sadaf Zahoor, Keith Case, Zeeshan

Simon Lidberg, Tehseen Aslam,




Morad Behandish,Saigopal

Saeed, Hamza Ijaz, Shoaib

Leif Pehrsson and Amos H.C. Ng -


Muzafar, Atif Qayyum Khan and


Nelaturiand Mats Allard -

Evaluating the Impact of Changes


Rohail Aftab - Application of


Automated Process Planning for

on a Global Supply Chain Using an


Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in


Turning: A Feature-Free Approach

Iterative Approach in a Proof-of-



gear manufacturing process: A

Concept Model



case study









Islam Shyha, Bao Le, Dehong Huo,


Amina Chelly, Imen Nouira, Atidel


Guoyu Fu, Harvey Arrowsmith and


Hadj Alouane and Yannick Frein -


Aminur Ahmed - Analysis of


The impact of dynamic carbon tax


surface quality when micro-


legislation on strategic supply


milling polymer nanocomposites


chain decisions








Sameh Saad, Somayeh Hatami and




Ramin Bahadori - Exploring the




Role of Outsourcing in Food




Supply Chain Sustainability-A


















Manufacturing processes III -

Lean II - Chair: Ian Graham

Smart manufacturing - Chair:


Chair: Fayyaz Rehman


Jessica Lindblom


Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor

Room: Vänern & Vättern


Tom Gibbons, Gareth Pierce, Keith

Adeel Shehzad,af Zahoor,

Sohaib Aslam - Hardware Trojans


Worden and Ifigeneia Antoniadou

Shoaib Sarfraz and Essam Shehab


and Smart Manufacturing


- A Gaussian mixture model for

- Implementation of TPM in a

Environment – A Hardware


automated corrosion detection in

Process Industry: A Case Study


Security Perspective



from Pakistan









Wadhah Ahmed

Yuji Yamamoto, Kristian


Sanjeev Kumar - Deposition of



SalonitisandAhmed Al-Ashaab -

Sandström and Alvaro Aranda


carbon on the surface of OHNS die


Sustainability through Lean

Munoz - Karakuri IoT - the


steel by electrical discharge

Manufacturing: Assessing the

concept and the result of pre-


machining process


Current Situation in the Saudi




Manufacturing Sector





Islam Shyha,Dehong Huo, Bao Le,

Amjad Hussain, Ata Ur Rehman,

Andrew Thomas, Claire Haven-



Keith Case, Tariq Masood and

Tang, Paul Byard, Rachel Mason-


Guoyu Fu, Essam Soliman and


Muhammad Salman Habib - Lean

Jones and Mark Francis - An


Bandar Alzahrani - Investigation


manufacturing culture: The role of

Analysis of Smart Systems


on micro-slotting of polymer


human perceptions of

Implementation in UK Food


nanocomposites: Cutting forces


standardized work

Production Companies









Mohammed Almanei

Mohamed Amin Benatia, Ahmed



Remadna, David Baudry, Pierre



andKonstantinos Salonitis -

Halftermeyer and Hugues Delalin



Challenges of implementing lean

- QR-code enabled product



in UAE manufacturing sector

traceability system: a Big Data








Carla Machado, Martin Kurdve,




Mats Winroth and Bennett David -




Production management and




smart manufacturing from a




systems perspective





Wednesday September 12th


Registration at the Portalen building (Kanikegränd 3)




Keynote session and demonstr Room: Insikten












Simulation and optimisation I

Assembly systems - Chair:

Manufacturing systems -


- Chair: Konstantinos

Peter Thorvald

Chair: Keith Case






Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor

Room: Vänern & Vättern


Tehseen Aslam, Anna Syberfeldt,

Vincent McKenna, Yan Jin, Adrian



Murphy, Michael Morgan, Rao Fu,

Richard Senington - Software


Amos Ng, Leif Pehrsson and


Caroline McClory, Colm Higgins,

Containers as a generic


Mathias Urenda-Moris - Towards


Rory Collins and Xuda Qin -

foundation for IEC 61499


an industrial testbed for holistic


Variation Sensitivity Study for an

distributed control systems


virtual production development


Aerospace Wing Spar Assembly










Weidong Li - Cyber Physical

Åsa Fast-Berglund, Dan Li and

Gerrit Alblas and Jenny Coenen -


Magnus Åkerman - Creating


System and Big Data based Energy

Strategies to Improve the Use of

Similarity-based Cost Estimations


Efcient Machining Optimization

IT- and IS-systems in Final

for ETO-Products










Yu Liu, Anna Syberfeldt and

Masood Fathi, Amir

Enrique Garcia-Villarreal, Ran

Nourmohammadi and Amos H.C.

Bhamra and Martin Schoenheit - A


Mattias Strand - A review of


Ng - Assembly Line Balancing

framework for technology


simulation based life cycle


Type-E with Technological

selection to support sales and


assessment in manufacturing


Requirement: A Mathematical

operations planning in German





medical technology organisations








Ning Tian, Kai Cheng, Jiaqi Liu,

Soran Parsa and Mozafar Saadat -

Julfikar Haider, David Petty,


Yanghui Zou and Lisong Zhang -

Sofiane Tebboune and Ian


Numerical analysis of the pressure

Intelligent Planning Using Genetic

Kennedy - Improvingfciency in


matching performance in a

Algorithm for Automated

Food Manufacturing Operations




combustion gas tunnel cabin

and Systems








Mudassar Rauf, Zailin Guan,




Shoaib Sarfraz, Jabir Mumtaz,


Sameh Saad, Itzel Noguera, Ramin


Sulaiman Almaiman, Essam




Bahadori and Sylvana Saad - The


Shehab and Mirza Jahanzaib -




impact of a consignment


Multi-Criteria Inventory




inventory strategy in


Classification based on Multi-




pharmaceutical retail industry


Criteria Decision-Making (MCDM)















Simulation and optimisation II

Human factors & Ergonomics

Additive manufacturing -


- Chair: Shoaib Sarfraz

- Chair: Ari Kolbeinsson

Chair: Fayyaz Rehman


Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor

Room: Vänern & Vättern


Hengyuan Ma, Wei Liu, Xionghui


John Diston,James


Mudhafar AlefariKonstantinosd

BrownandDave Cooper -


Zhou, Qiang Niu and Chuipin Kong -


A Tool Path Optimization System for

Salonitis - Assessing the employees'

Validating additive manufacturing


Three-axis Milling Process Based on

performance and the role of

material models againstfecthe e


Geometric and Physical Simulation


of cross-platform variation for




efcient product design






Julian Schlosser, Serkan Mouchtar,

Christian Defeo, Jennifer Harding and

Tobias Reichold, Pablo Ruiz and


Robert Schneider, Jochen Schanz,


Wolfgang Rimkus, David Harrison,

Robert Wood - A Little More

Jonathan Huntley - Single-shot areal


Martin Macdonald and Muditha

Conversation: How Conversant

profilometry towards real-time


Kulatunga - Characterisation and

Online Communities Can Drive New

surface quality control in additive


optimisation of a failure-model for

Product Innovation



high strength aluminium alloys







Anna Syberfeldt, Mikel Ayani and


Alfredo Edoardo Onagro, Nicola


Anna Brolin, Keith Case and Peter

Howarth, Vincenzo La Carrubba and


Magnus Holm - A holistic solution

Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas - Rapid


Thorvald - Interactionfects e


for integrating a simulated twin of an

Prototyping for micro-engineering


affecting human performance in


automation system during the

manual assembly

and microfluidic applications:


system’s entire life-cycle

Recycled PMMA, a sustainable




substrate material






Mikel Ayani, Amos Ng and Martin

Ravi Teja Chadalavada, Henrik

Robert Benhamand Fayyaz Rehman -


Andreasson, Maike Schindler, Rainer


Birtic - Optimizing Cycle Time and

Palm and Achim Lilienthal -

An investigation into Additive


EnergyfEciency of a Robotic Cell

Accessing Your Navigation Plans!

Manufacturing materials subjected to


using an Emulation Model

Human-Robot Intention Transfer

shear failure



using Eye-Tracking Glasses







Jabir Mumtaz, Guan Zailin, Jahanzaib




Mirza, Mudassar Rauf, Shoaib

Fan He,Soh Khim OangdYeh Ching

Hong-Seok Park and Dinh-Son


Sarfraz, and Essam Shehab -


Nee - Mobile Augmented Reality

Nguyen - AI-based optimization of


Makespan minimization for flow


Collaborative Real-time Annotation

3D printing process parameters in


shop scheduling problems using


Tool for Smart Ubiquitous Objects

Selective Laser Melting


modified operators in genetic


















Simulation and optimisation

Product design &


III - Chair: Masood Fathi

development - Chair: Keith





Room: Insikten

Room: Utsikten, 5th floor


Yousef HaddadKoandstantinos

Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Khalid



Abaalkhail and Bader Alhuthail -



Salonitis - Design of redistributed



Design and Development of a



manufacturing system networks:



Miniature Cup holder for Hot and



simulation and modelling techniques



Cold drinks “On the Go”







Marc Lacomblez, Benoit Jeanne,

Mohammed El Souri, James Gao,



Oladele Owodunni, Clive Simmonds



Vincent Havard and David Baudry -



and Nick Martin - Improving Product



Co-simulation architecture between



Design through Knowledge



a digital twin and a virtual reality



Management in Aerospace



environment in an industrial context



Manufacturing Lifecycle










Qing Wang and Toni Munthe -

Andrew Lindsay, Abby Paterson and



Ian Graham - Identifying and



Optimising the Delivery and Pick-up



QuantifyingfInecincies within



Routes for Packed Water Bottles

Industrial Parametric CAD Models










Sameh Saad and Mohamed

Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Abdullah



Khamkham - AHP model for

Alsaab and Muhannd Almehrj -



evaluating the strategic drivers of

Design and Development of a Mug



quality management performance in

Using Electric Heating through



manufacturing organisations

Rechargeable Batteries







Shoaib Sarfraz,Essam

Ahmed Remadna, Mohamed Amin






Salonitis,Wojciech Suderand Sadaf

Benatia, Anne Louis and Christian



Zahoor - Evaluation of Productivity

Gout - A Predictive Analysis Data-



and Operating Cost of Laser Drilling

based for Additive Manufacturing



Process – A case study








Conference dinner at Scandic Billingen










Thursday September 13th

8.30 Joint walk to Assar Innovation Arena (10 min)



9:30 Keynote session - Dr Leif Pehrsson, Volvo Car Corporation








Simulation and design - Chair: Peter Thorvald


Room: Assar Innovation arena


Nafise Mahdavian, Carl Lind, Jose Antonio Diaz-Olivares, Aitor Iriondo Pascual, Dan Högberg, Erik


Brolin, Liyunfect- Eof Giving Feedback on Postural Working Techniques



Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Mahmoud Qusaibati and Hassan Muneel Syed - Remote control systems for


Lights; An Exploration of available Technologies in the Market


Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Abdulaziz Aldhamash and Abdulrahman Alghamdi - Design and


Development of a Quantity Controlled Sugar Stick for Hot and Cold Drinks


Justyna Rybicka, Teresa Livingston, John Handscomb, David Esparza-Felix and Trudi Sully -


Supply chain simulation for supporting transformation of Construction Industry


Closing session




Lunch and demonstrator fair