ICMR2019 Final Programme

Monday 9th September 2019

16:00 – 19:00

Registration: Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building

18:00 – 19:30

Reception: Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building

Tuesday 10th September 2019


Registration and coffee (Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building)



Welcome & Introduction: Lecture Theatre 01.005, 1st Floor Ashby Building

Prof. Emma Flynn, Prof-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, Queen’s University Belfast

Prof. Mark Price, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science, Queen’s University Belfast, General chair of ICMR2019

Prof. Yan Jin, Queen’s University Belfast, Chair of ICMR2019

10:00    11:45




Keynote Session (ASH 01.005), chair: Mark Price

Advanced Industrial Robotics for Intelligent Manufacturing

Prof. Guilin Yang, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Ningbo, China

Supply Chain Readiness - A Key Element of Advanced Manufacturing

Prof. Paul Maropoulos, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, UK. Aston University, Birmingham, UK.

big data analytics and its impact on smart manufacturing

Prof. Zhuming Bi, Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.


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12:00 – 13:30

Lunch (Ashby Lab 01.002/004)


13:30 – 15:00

Session 1 (ASH 01.005) Smart Manufacturing

Chair: Weidong Li, Andrew Thomas

Session 2 (ASH 02.014) Robot Automation 1

Chair: Chin-Yin Chen, Xuda Qin

Session 3  (ASH 02.016) Additive Manufacturing

Chair: Fayyaz Rehman, Yuchun Xu

Towards the Development of a Smart Systems Preparedness Tool for Manufacturing SMEs

Claire Haven-Tang, Andrew Thomas, Rachel Mason-Jones and Paul Byard

Research On The Speed Coordination In Dual-Robot Mirror Milling Of Cylindrical Thin-Walled Parts

Qingyue Zhang, Juliang Xiao, Haitao Liu, Xuda Qin, Tianhuang, Xu Yang, Xianlei Shan, Guofeng Wang and Wentie Niu

State of The Art in Surface Finish of Metal Additive Manufactured Parts

Prospera Sonuo Sibanda, Peter Carr, Michael Ryan and Samuel Bigot

A Fog based Diagnosis and Optimization System for Intelligent Machining Processes 

Weidong Li

Study on the process optimization for large-scaled aspheric surfaces ballonet-polishing with industrial robots

Jianming Zhan, Chin-Yin Chen, Yiqiang Wang and Liyong Hu

Dynamic Resistance Behavior of Additive Manufactured Multi-Material Honeycomb Structure through Finite Element Analysis

Vijayanand Rajendra Boopathy, Mark Prince and Yuchun Xu

Vibration suppression method based on the equivalent rigid body state observer of modular joint for a collaborative robot

Qiang Xin, Chongchong Wang, Chin-Yin Chen, Guilin Yang, Zaojun Fang and Heping Chen. 

Evaluating the UX Obtained from a Service Robot that Provides Ancillary Way-Finding Support in an Industrial Environment

Johan Kildal, Izaskun Fernández, Iker Lluvia, Ignacio Lázaro, Cristina Aceta, Naiara Vidal and Loreto Susperregi

An Investigation into the Exploratory Use of Additively Manufactured Vanes Subjected to the Impact of a Water Jet Experiment

Robert Benham and Fayyaz Rehman

Challenges of Model-Based Definition for High Value Manufacturing

Kamran Goher, Essam Shehab and Ahmad Al-Ashaab

A mobile robotic system for large scale manufacturing

Zeyang Zhang, Yabin Ding, Tian Huang and Jinsheng Fu

Intellectual property protection and security in additive manufacturing

Abraham George, Anthony Newell, and Nikolaos Papakostas

Research on Data Acquisition and Analysis of CNC Machine Tool in Smart Factory

Chuipin Kong, Wei Liu, Qiang Niu and Xionghui Zhou

Design and Manufacture of a New Smart Desktop Rotational Moulding Machine

Jonathan Adams, Yan Jin, David Barnes and Joseph Butterfield

An Investigation into the Use of Additively Manufactured Components to Reduce Assembly Part Count and De-Risk Radar System Development Projects

Ashley Fisher, Alan Laight and Fayyaz Rehman

15:00 – 15:30

Coffee Break (Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building)

15:30 – 17:00

Session 4 (ASH 01.005)  Digital Manufacturing 1

Chair: Wei Wang, Youliang Su

Session 5 (ASH 02.014) Information and Knowledge management

Chair: Joe Butterfield

Session 6 (ASH 02.016) Machining Processes 1

Chair: Ningxia Yin

Virtual Human-Robot Collaboration: The Industry’s Perspective on Potential Applications and Benefits

Niklas Land, Anna Syberfeldt, Torgny Almgren, and Johan Vallhagen

Modelling the Impact of Production Control Strategy on System Cash Flow

Shane McWilliams, Adrian Murphy, Peter Higgins, Rory Collins and Colm Higgins

Optimizing Cutter Posture In Five-axis Milling Towards Minimal Machining-induced Residual Stress

Lili Yi, Sibao Wang, Ling Kang, Zengya Zhao and Zehua Wang

Improved Human Robot Collaboration through Simulation-Based Optimization

Wei Wang, Sunith Bandaru and Adrian Sánchez de Ocãna Torroba.

Exploring Factors for Implementing Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Sarah Alharthi, Essam Shehab and Ahmed Al-Ashaab

Study on Chip Removal Mechanism of PCD Ball End Milling (1st Report)

Cutting Simulation by Orthogonal Cutting

Peerapong Kasuriya, Takeshi Watanabe, Takashi Goto and Masahiko Jin

Towards Effective Data Management For Digital Twin

Sumit Singh, Essam Shehab, Nigel Higgins, Kevin Fowler, Dylan Reynolds, John A. Erkoyuncu and Peter Gadd

A knowledge capture framework for remote collaborative virtual environments

John Oyekan, Vinayak Prabhu, Ashutosh Tiwari, Vinubha Baskaran, Mark Burgess and Rob McNally

Surface Roughness and Tool wear Prediction and Optimization in Machining High Hardened AISI 4340 Steel

Ochengo Dennis, Liang Li, Wei Zhao and Ning He

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses for Industrial Assembly Operators: a Meta-Analysis and Categorization

Oscar Danielsson, Magnus Holm and Anna Syberfeldt

A Study on the Challenges of Implementing Cloud-Based ERP

Sarah Alharthi, Essam Shehab and Ahmed Al-Ashaab

Process parameters and its effect on surface roughness during turning Ti6Al4V alloy

Muhammad Younas, Mushtaq Khan, Syed Husain Imran Jaffery, Liaqat Ali and Riaz Ahmad

Assembly Process Planning of General Aviation Aircraft Based on the Virtual Assembly Technology

Youliang Su, Modi Liu, Chunxiu Wang, Song Mu, Tiejun Li and Shuling Zhang

Integrated Design and Manufacturing Systems for an Engineer to Order SME

Jason He, Craig Norris, Sofiane Tebboune, David Petty and Ihsan Faraj

3D Modeling Simulation of High-speed End Milling Cutter under Thermo-mechanical Coupling

Ningxia Yin, Guanghui Li, Linlin Guo and Guangyu Tan



COMEH meeting (Ashby boardroom, beside reception desk)



Wednesday 11th September 2019


Registration (ASH Foyer)

9:00 – 10:30

Keynote Session (ASH 01.005), Chair: Brian Falzon

Joining large-scale light-weight composite structures using Digital Twin Technology

Prof. Conor McCarthy, University of Limerick, Ireland

Factory 2050 at AMRC

Mr Tom Hodgson: AMRC with Boeing

A background to the transition from SME JW Kane to Global Multinational SAM Aerospace and overview of key growth enablers including leadership development and process innovations

Mr Damian McArdle, SAM Northern Ireland, UK

10:30 – 11:00

Coffee Break (Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building)

11:00 – 12:30

Session 7 (ASH 01.005) Composite Manufacturing

Chair: Haiyan Wang

Session 8 (ASH 02.014) Robotics

Chair: Amar Behera, Puneeth Kannaraya

Session 9 (ASH 02.016) Machining Processes 2

Chair: Ming Luo

An Experimental Investigation of Tool Wear When Conventionally Drilling CFRP

John McClelland, Adrian Murphy and Yan Jin

Improved Automatic Quality Inspections through the Integration of State-of-the-Art Machine Vision and Collaborative Robots

Anna Syberfeldt and Tom Ekblom

Vibration analysis and control in the process of milling tool exiting workpiece

Jiawei Mei, Ming Luo, Dinghua Zhang

A Dynamic Milling Forces Model Considering the 0/θ Laminate Effect in Milling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)

Guangjian Bi, Fuji Wang, Xiaonan Wang and Rao Fu


Designing an Affordable System for Early Defect Detection Using Image Processing

Puneeth K S, Atul Sahay, Shreya G H, Pradipta Biswas, Manish Arora and Amaresh Chakrabarti

Dynamic Modeling and Stability Prediction in Milling Process of Thin-walled Workpiece with Multiple Structural Modes

Zhao Zhang, Ming Luo, Baohai Wu and Dinghua Zhang

Tribological Performance of Fe(WC)/Ni(WC) Composite Coatings Prepared by Twin-wire Arc Spraying

Shu-ling Zhang, Ming-kun Qiu, Wei-ye Chen, You-liang Su, Xue-nan Gao and Javad Mostaghimi

Calibration Method of a 3D-Vison Sensor Integrated into Industrial Machining Robots

Jinsheng Fu, Yabin Ding and Tian Huang

Analysis of Energy Energy Consumption in Orthogonal Machining of Al 6061-T6 Alloy

Mushtaq Khan, Salman Sagheer Warsi, Syed Husain Imran Jaffery, Riaz Ahmad and Muhammad Younas

Study on step drill in drilling CFRP /Al stack

Meng Zhao, Fuji Wang, Zhengyuan Jia and Rao Fu

Research on new stereo matching algorithm of multi-rotor UAV based on vision

Haixin Wang, Yan Jin and Jianxin Shen

An Experimental Investigation of Productivity, Cost and Quality for Single-Pulse Laser Drilling Process

Shoaib Sarfraz, Essam Shehab, Konstantinos Salonitis, Wojciech Suder, Muhammad Jamil and Aqib Mashood Khan

Evaluation of hole-making delamination in helical milling of CFRP

Jianyu Wang, Jinming Zhang, Haiyan Wang, Kexin Tao and Xuda Qin    

A Decision Support Tool for Automating Aerospace Assembly

Lauren McGarry, Joseph Butterfied, Adrian Murphy, Robert Burke and Colin Burnside

Heat transfer of a laser textured surface

Hossein Ghahramaninia, Martin Sharp and Michael Morgan


Lunch (Ashby Lab 01.002/004)

14:00 – 15:30

Session 10: (ASH 01.005) Digital Manufacturing 2

Chair: Joe Butterfield

Session 11 (ASH 02.014) Special Session on EU CoRoT project

Chair: James Gao

Session 12 (ASH 02.016) Lean and Quality Management

Chair: Yan Ran

A structured analysis of SCM strategies employed by device manufacturers of the German Medical Technology sector

Enrique Garcia-Villarreal and Ran Bhamra

An Investigation into the Adoption of Automation in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Daniel Arey, James Gao, Chi Hieu Le and Mohammed El Souri

Lean Production Simulators: From Training Environments to Innovation Testbeds

Leo J. De Vin, JanErik Odhe, Lasse Jacobsson and Mattias Säfström


Deep Learning Based Visual Inspection System for Remanufacturing Application

Chigozie Nwankpa, Solomon Eze, Winifred Ijomah, Anthony Gachagan and Steven Marshal

An Analysis of Automation Scenarios in an Aerospace Environmental Testing Facility

Adesh Ramchurn, Mohammed El Souri, James Gao, Clive Simmonds, Chi Hieu Le and Julien Bénétier


Evaluation of the CSFs for successful implementation of integrated quality management performance

Sameh M Saad and Mohamed Khamkham

Model-Based Enterprise Framework for Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

Essam Shehab, Margaux Schuler, Philip Bamforth and Kamran Goher

Modular Mobile Manipulators Task Allocation Auction-based Approach

Souleymane Moussa Goumeye, M'Hammed Sahnoun, Fabrice Duval and Abdelaziz Bensrhair

Process Capability Analysis Based on Improvement of Principal Component Contribution Degree

Yuxin Liu, Yan Ran, Genbao Zhang, Guangqi Ying and Shengyong Zhang

Discrete Event Simulation for a Cyber-Physical System

Igiri Onaji, Payam Soulatiantork, Boyang Song, Divya Tiwari and Ashutosh Tiwari

An architecture for data management, visualisation and supervision of Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Vincent Havard, M'Hammed Sahnoun, Belgacem Bettayeb and David Baudry

The Identification of Utility Constraints in a Batch Manufacturing Facility

Mohamed Awad, Konrad Mulrennan, John Donovan, Russell Macpherson and David Tormey

Robotic Digital X-ray Scanning System for Deep Water Flexible Riser Inspection

Kang Shan, Istvan Szabo, Alvin Chong, Jamil Kanfoud and Tat-Hean Gan. 


Continuous improvement initiatives: an ISM analysis of critical success factors

Mohammed Almanei and Konstantinos Salonitis

15:30 – 16:00

Coffee Break (Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building)

16:00 – 17:30

Session 13 (ASH 01.005) Design and Innovation

Chair: Declan Nolan


 Session 14 (ASH 02.014) Special Session on EU CoRoT project, Cond’

Chair: James Gao

Session 15 (ASH 02.016) Product Lifecycle Management

Chair: Raquel Quesada-Díaz, Lujia Yang

Bio-Inspired Growth: Introducing Emergence into Computational Design

Stephen Kyle, Declan Nolan, Mark Price, Wei Zhang, Trevor Robinson, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos and Sakil Barbhuiya




Session 11 continued.

Understanding the implications of chemical regulations, circular economy and corporate social responsibility for product stewardship

Sukhraj Takhar and Kapila Liyange

Design Gene Representations for Emergent Innovative Design

Wei Zhang, Mark Price, Trevor Robinson, Declan Nolan, Dimitrios Nikolopoulos, Sakil Barbhuiya and Stephen Kyle


Product lifecycle management strategies focusing on additive manufacturing workflow

Anthony Newell, Abraham George and Nikolaos Papakostas

SmartMaaS: A Framework for Smart Manufacturing-as-a-Service

Sakil Barbhuiya, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos, Mark Price, Trevor Robinson, Declan Nolan, Wei Zhang and Stephen Kyle


Product Disassembly and Inspection Supported by Augmented Reality and Product Lifecycle Management Integration

Raquel Quesada-Díaz and Anna Syberfeldt

A conceptual development of the next generation of innovation management

Sameh Saad and Samah Alnuaimi


Modelling the Vibration of Winding Structure by a Hollow Cylinder with Equivalent Anisotropic Modulus

Lingzhi Li, Ming Jin, Jie Pan, Hai Huang, Jing Zheng and Yiwei Hu     





Session Close, Coach leaving from conference venue to Stormont Parliament Building


Drinks reception, Stormont Parliament Building


Banquet dinner, Stormont Parliament Building



Thursday 12th Sept 2019


Registration (ASH Foyer)


Keynote Session (ASH 01.005), Chair: Yan Jin

Innovation in a Regional Manufacturing Landscape

Mr Colm Higgins, Northern Ireland Technology Centre

To be confirmed

Dr Peter Martin: Polymer Processing Research Centre

10:00 – 10:30

Coffee Break (Foyer 1st floor Ashby Building)

10:30 – 12:00

Session 16 (ASH 01.005) Decision support and production optimisation

Chair: Joseph Butterfield

Session 17 (ASH 02.014) Product Design and Development

Chair: Ningxia Yin

Session 18 (ASH 02.016) Machining Processes 3

Chair: Guijian Xiao

Identifying highly variable and energy intensive batch manufacturing processes using statistical methodologies

Konrad Mulrennan, Mohamed Awad, John Donovan, Russell Macpherson and David Tormey

The Optimization of Gear Transaction Curve to Increase Tooth Root Bending Strength

Bo Peng, Yuanxin Luo and Ziyong Ma

Comparison of Room Temperature and Heat Assisted Single Point Incremental Forming of Thermoplastics

Shubhamkar Kulkarni and Gregory M. Mocko

Challenges of Simulation-based Optimization in Facility Layout Design of Production Systems

Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga, Erik Flores García, Matías Urenda Moris and Anna Syberfeldt

Advanced Injection Mold Design and Monitoring System for Consistent Quality

Hong Seok Park, Saurabh Kumar, Jong Kwon Park and Dae Yu Park

Taguchi-based GRA for Parametric Optimization in Turning of AISI L6 Tool Steel under Cryogenic Cooling

Emran ul Haq, Liang Li, Muhammad Jamil, Aqib Mashood Khan, Shoaib Sarfraz and Essam Shehab

A Green Production Scheduling Optimization Method Considering Task Collaboration

Jianxin Wang, Ming K Lim and Yuanzhu Zhan

Geometrical thermal analysis as a form of Finite Element Analysis enhancement

David I. Gillespie, Andrew W. Hamilton, Teresa Kruckenberg, Brian Neilson, Robert C. Atkinson, Ivan Andonovic and Christos Tachtatzis


An Experimental Investigation on Cryo-LN2 Turning of Hardened Steel: A Sustainability Assessment

Aqib Mashood Khan, Muhammad Jamil, Xiuqing Hao, He Ning,  Shoaib Sarfraz, Kamran Goher and Essam Shehab

A Genetic Algorithm for Bi-Objective Assembly Line Balancing Problem

Amir Nourmohammadi, Masood Fathi, Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga and Amos H.C. Ng

Design and Dried Performance Test of a Solar assisted heat pump two-stage drier

Min Li, Ningxia Yin, Yunting Ge and Xinyu Zhang

Study on Belt Grinding Performance of Electron Beam Weld of Titanium Alloy

Yun Huang, Shui He, Guijian Xiao and Suolang Jiahua

Kalman Filter Based Approach to Overcome Elastic Saturation and Pneumatic Disturbances in Tele-Operated Soft Actuators

Hiroshan Gunawardane, Eashan Anurudhdha, Thisara Pathirana and Nimali T. Medagedara

Design and Development of a Portable Medicine Box for Hearing Impaired and Blind Patients

Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Fahad Abdulaziz Ibrahim Al-Eid and Hamzeh Maroan Zeno

Bulk modification of poly (lactic acid) by CO2 laser radiations

Foram Dave, Konrad Mulerannan, Richard Sherlock and David Tormey

12:00 -12:40

Lab tour (NITC and PPRC)


Lunch (Ashby Lab 01.002/004)


Closing Session (Ashby 01.005)


Conference close